The Drachen's Iron Heart

A letter home


Dearest Mother:

May this letter find you in the best of health and spirits.  I am currently riding aback a horse somewhere in Eisen.  I have traveled from The Midnight Archipelago to Usura and am now journeying back.  I have met up with a wonderful band of heroes and have been righting wrongs along the way. 
I have meet many women and known many Jennies in my recent travels.  I have yet to find her.  I know she is real and alive and waiting for me to know her.  Even if she has no idea I exists.  I will find her ere to long.  My hope is to have the two of you meet and find the love that we will have.
I had the happy occurrence to use a magical compass these past weeks to locate a certain General Montague Montaine.  The compass served as a reminder of the lessons you taught me of moral compasses.  I am following mine.  The trail of adventure leads me now back to the Midnight Archipelago and into the territory of The Butcher.   Mother he seeks to kill me.  I have written of his deeds and desires before.  He is better than me in martial skill, yet I travel to his arena.  I will follow the compass you gave me.  There is magic and danger that surpasses my need for life.  If I should succumb to the plots and evils of this great world remember me well and often.
The clouds are darkening now, the skies will open soon soaking this paper and running my words.  I wish you well and hale until my next missive.

All my love




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