Alondara Soldano de Gallegos

Alondara is the typical petite Castillian noble woman. With two swords.. typical honest.


Alondara Soldano de Gallegos was born into the Gallegos family as a third daughter yes, three, and treasured by her papa. She is passionate, loyal, and has a drive to learn as much as she can while defending those who need support. Mama wants her to come back, her hermano would rather she stay away he’s an evil little man anyway with a hot temper she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Alondara is travelling, enjoying adventures, and hoping to make enough money to eventually being able to support herself. Being dependant on Roberto Soldano de Gallegos appears to be a death sentence or at least one that will end her in the nunnery. Might as well be death.

So, Alondara went to school to learn as much as she could about the world she would travel. If her adventures kill her at least she died a noble death not one in a tower trapped away awaiting for her brother next temper tantrum. One day, she hopes to go home and free her people from the evil that occurs. Until then she builds strength, reputation, honor, and most importantly CONTACTS!

Alondara has attended college, but has learned it is not the Universidad that gains you intelligence nor wisdom. It is the responsibility of the individual to learn. She returned home to greet her papa privately and left before her graduation celebration. Papa knew .. abuelo knew.. mama and abuela not so much. Papa and Abeulo had a sending off celebration at the swordsman guild and gave her keys to a new adventure.

So the adventure begins.

Alondara Soldano de Gallegos

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