Genevieve du Monde

a Montaigne swordswoman with a noble background and a chip on both shoulders


In-Character Information

Genevieve is a Montaigne swordswoman. She wears the sigil of an apprentice fighter of the Valroux fighting school. While she has a fondness for “ze ladies,” she is not above using her feminine wiles to get what she wants (except for that one time at the inn with the Charouse guardsmen).

Not Yet Revealed Information

“du Monde” is like the “Smith” of Montaigne. Translated, it means “of the world,” and is a handy way of obscuring one’s identity, especially if one is attempting to earn her way back into her family and her sovereign’s good graces.

Genevieve’s real name is Genevieve Cécile Valroux du Martisse. Genevieve and her twin brother, Zacharie Jean-Mathieu Valroux du Martisse, are the only children of Alain and Elizabeth (nee Favreau). Up until a few months ago, Alain was a general in the Emperor’s army. Alain had been promoted by L’empereur himself and was awarded a small holding of lands in recognition of his service to Montaigne. The family regularly attended court; Elizabeth’s parties were acknowledged as some of the best in Charouse.

Genevieve found the country life boring and spent as much time in Charouse as possible. Zacharie was largely content to stay at home, learning to manage the family’s small estate and courting Thérèse Lavigne, the daughter of a minor baron and accomplished vintner.

The Emperor’s decision to invade Ussura was not entirely a popular one amongst his generals. Alain was one of those who doubted the strategic significance of such a move. In private letters exchanged with friends, Alain expressed concerns that the invasion had more to do with removing Montague from the public eye than expanding the Montaigne empire. Alain found the whole debacle to be a waste of time, money, and more importantly, well-trained men.

Genevieve fell into a crowd of increasingly imperialist young people. Caught up in a surge of pro-Emperor furor, Genevieve provided copies of her father’s letters to the Emperor. By revealing the snake clasped to the royal bosom, Genevieve had hoped to curry favor with His Majesty. Instead, the Emperor decided that this particular branch of the Valroux du Martisse family had become rotten: what General would so publicly speak against his Emperor? What daughter would so publicly speak against her father? Thus, the family were stripped of their titles and lands and became personas non gratas at court.

Publicly, the entire family has retired to Elizabeth’s family’s estates in northern Montaigne. In actuality, only Alain and Elizabeth made the journey. Zacharie has secretly traveled to the Lavigne estates to continue to negotiate for Thérèse’s hand. Genevieve has adopted a pseudonym and is hoping to perform Great and Incredible Deeds of Daring-Do to restore her family’s honor.

Genevieve du Monde

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