Recently, the King of Castille fell ill, lapsing into a coma. HIs heir, Javier Bejarano de Sandoval, was ready to assume the mantle of kingship… until one night he disappeared from his rooms, and has not been seen since. This left the job of being king to his younger brother, the 15-year-old Salvador Bejarano de Sandoval.

Castille has always had a very close relationship with the Vaticine Church: the capital, San Cristobal, is also the residence of the Hierophant. A group of Cardinals, El Concilio de Razon (The Council of Reason) has always advised the King, and on very rare occasions had the power to overrule him. They exercised their power in this instance, and refused to grant Salvador the title of Rex Castillum, citing his inexperience. This severely circumscribed Salvador’s power, making him little more than a figurehead. The Council also appointed two close advisors to the King.

The advisors are Esteban Verdugo, the head of the Inquisition, and Don Andres Aldana, the head of the Aldana family. Unfortunately, the advisors disagree very often. It’s often said that Sandoval has the Angel and the Devil advising him, but there’s considerable disagreement on which is which.

No discussion of Castille would be complete without mentioning El Vago, a mysterious masked figure that appears in the nick of time, performing deeds of valor and justice. One day, he might save a peasant from a fiery death at the hands of the Inquisition — and the very next day, rescue a noble Dona from the clutches of a villainous Don. On one memorable occasion, El Vago fought side-by-side with Don Andres Aldana, saving King Sandoval from a band of assassins.


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