A Castille I've Never Thought to See

My dearest Margrit,

There’s a chance I will be visiting you soon. I may not stay long, I have responsibilities and duties beyond my wildest dreams.

I have been to occupied Castille, fought the men who refuse to leave our beloved country, and had adventures I can not begin to discuss with even you my beloved friend.

I believe there’s a deeper battle now not just among the Montaigne but between our very Castillian values. You know me, I cannot and will not stand down when my loyalty, my heart, my country, is called to serve.

I apologize for the lack of letters but our land has been ravaged, by war for Theus and how his word is interpreted and by the Montaigne. It makes my heart sad that we fight between ourselves even as this land must find peace and beauty and the love of Theus.

I will be travelling south of San Cristobal soon. Yes I’m in the very heart of our country, I am proud of the country and I willingly serve for her growth and prosperity. My heart fills with joy in belief that our King is being guided by one of the best of men and I cannot wait to see our country be brought into greater things!

I will write again, no knowing where my journey will lead me, but if we are to travel to Frieburg again we will possibly stop in.

I miss you my dear friend. Please send my family all my love, my joy, and my pride. Let my arrival surprise my familia por favor. Since there are many adventures from now until I see you again.

Much love mi amiga,


A Castille I've Never Thought to See

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