Letter to Reynaldo


I hope this letter arrives to you safely and finds you and yours with brilliant success.

Senor I have this tusk I would like to commission someone to carve with a few small details as well.

First the story of the Hippo attached. This hippo is an example of how our team is developing and working together. Without Aaron distracting our beast attempting to entangle the tusks like a great Matador, Mikhail using his axe to weaken the beast, Genevieve kept the hippo on its toes with her pistols, I was able to leave upon the hippo and stab it through the neck and cut it’s artery. Did I mention how incredibly large this hippo was? The tusks were small on this hippo.. The tusks are not small!

What I would like to do is commission an artwork of the boar the rough picture is attached. I would like to take the pieces that were left over after carving (small amount) to take 4 5 small trinkets (one with a Theus cross befitting someone of Castille and great faith that will need to be saved for my next trip to San Cristobal) if they can be carved to look as our weapons that would be fantastic! We are joined by our adventures, and I would like to give my teammates a small trinket to remind them of who we are as a group of adventurers, as heroes. The Artist of course can have a bit of creative liscense for our group. I’m unsure what this is to look like. Although Aaron might be appropriate for a cloak, Gen a Pistol, Mikhail an axe, and me the double swords. As this is what we used to defeat this magnificent beast!

It was a pleasure meeting you, and I hope to see you again soon my cousin!



Letter to Reynaldo

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