Adventures out to Sea and Gone to the Dogs Apparently

Good Evening dearest Amiga,

Do I have a story for you! Full permission to WRITE IT TOO! Mr. Berek yes Jeremiah Berek. Captain Berek (Actually the captain is a VERY different story and very humorous apparently they have a dog named captain and will turn to it before leaving!) is more than I expected. He’s very good at what he does, the sea dogs are A LOT of fun! I may have learned some Avalon words that are not to be used in polite company. Mr. Berek is polite and just a bit of that “magic” you’d expect from those Avalonian stories you loved so much!

They are a good group of sailors and fighters! We didn’t clean for weeks. I cleaned when I could and thank goodness I chose to bring some flower essence. On our way about half way to the Midnight archipelago we saw sirens. They are every inch of the deadly beauties we have heard about. Sirens look as though they are half well built sensual woman and part fish. With sharp pointy teeth.

We were ordered by captain Berek to go down to the hull and assist the carpenters assistant with fixing the hole made by the sirens. Aaron, bless his inventive soul, grabbed a fish net and entangled one of the sirens in the net. Once he had her entangled, I was able to attack her and cut through her. That worked SO well! Aaron did it again, while Mikhail and Genevieve worked on the last one they had to take care of! We were able to dispatch with the sirens as a team and patch the ship up again. We went back up to the deck as we began to set sail once again.

When we arrived to our area, I can only say that this island we arrived at is legendary among the Montaigne the Ile du Bete. This island was an experience!

First we run into this beast.. this.. hippo I think. It had LARGE Tusks. I took my time to evaluate our enemy, this beast was large, muscular, with tusks.. Aaron began to distract it with his cloak attempting to entangle the tusks. Mikhail swung his huge axe at this beast hitting it in it’s side. Genevieve drew her new pistols and took aim. As it came time for me to take action I did what ONLY a Castillian could do. I senora, rode the hippo. I actually landed on the hippo and stabbed into the large neck with my sword to hang on. Mikhail made another palpable hit as Genevieve’s guns rang through the air. Aaron once again distracted the hippo as much as he could as I leaned in with my last attack and cut the throat of the great beast! Success! We were able as these rag tag adventurers to take down a great hippo made even greater because of the Montaigne Porte!

I saved the tusks of the great beast, we will send it off to Freiburg for our trophy later. Jeremiah has another one of our tusks for the passage through Montaigne occupied territory and sharing our adventure with us.

As far as what else occurred on that island. We met with the crazy Montaigne who stole the compass through porte. This mistaken Montaigne sent us through a trap into another Cyrneth ruin. It was BEAUTIFUL! Glowing and magnificent. I took notes while Mikhail began following each path as I charcoaled our way through to be clear at which point we turned. We surprisingly were through the labyrinth in short time. We followed around this musical chamber filled with pillars. As we approached the next room there was a rope bridge and a sand pit. Someone HAD to throw something into the sand pit. Out came a horrifying amount of beetles they finished the carcass that was currently in the pit. Again it was horrifying. Mikhail sprinted across the bridge in a way that only a sturdy Ussuran can. Aaron used his own tools to go across the bridge. I do believe I ran across the bridge only uttering one word.. NOPE! I saw those beetles scatter out of the sand, and I assure you dearest amiga it gave me a new sort of courage and grace! “Nope nope nope nope nope” with Every step!

We later did the MOST childish thing. We wrote things in charcoal to mark we were there.. as well as Mikhail writing RUN on the the entry of the bridge! It’s awesome to think, that we were in a place that people aren’t in very often something older than some of our own artifacts, the history the arcaneness of it all. We are certainly off to more adventures however and pressed for time. Reggie our friend in the explorers society has apparently decided to do some foolish things and we are off… to stop him.

I am hoping to be in Castille soon, maybe near to you! If so I will do my best to stop by and see you.

I miss you my Amiga, one day, I’d like to be able to see you and perhaps get a hot bath!

Adventures out to Sea and Gone to the Dogs Apparently

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