From Frieburg to Avalon and Explorations


My dear friend I have a compilation of letters for your reading. I apologize for the lack of organization and the break in my letters. I have been reading more than I ever thought I would, writing, and studying more than I did in the Universidad.

First we did find our mission and finished our journey to Usurra and accomplished our mission. Usurra, she’s beautiful! Mikhail was able to lead us straight to our mission. At first Usurra was a blizzard but then she lessened and it was spring for us. Not so much for those meant to stop us.

Blasted Montaigne porte mage stole the other piece of our treasure for making the journey however. Stole the compass out of thin air. The most bloodied red hand it would make the strongest man or woman shudder.

Then we arrive back at Heilgrund. Why don’t I trust the Eisenfurst? Have I always been this hesitant? Something is wrong. He collects these treasures of they Sernyth and it’s too much. It makes me nervous. That much power should not be in any one’s hands or in any one place. Either he may take advantage or someone else. I do not feel safe there. Although THE PRINTING PRESS!! Have I always loved books this much I wonder?

So Frieburg. AHHH Frieburg it is a treasure but in a unique way. We of course met with the nicest of men who wanted us to repent for our sins by force. This .. was not wise. Any man who claims to be stalwart of faith but is determined to rule by brute force and bullying .. well yes.. onward si amiga? We know my beliefs of how one must lead throughout their lives.

ANYWAYS I met with friends in Frieburg and had TRUE TRUE Castillian hospitality! OH I miss home. I have a few bottles of home to go with me (edited later OK 1 bottle left I must treasure this bottle). Soldano wine, do you know how nice it is to have Soldano wine after being away for so long? I miss it!

My friends have all taken their pleasures of this great city. Met a romantic writer for letters, poems, and songs; of course Castillian. He was such a wonderful man, perhaps one day I will meet such a man with honor, charisma, and elegance. I swooned sad to say at his words, and had to remind myself he was only providing an example on how to woo properly. It worked!! sigh

I have met with the explorer’s society again. What they do fascinates me. But I do not necessarily like what comes of it. I’m not sure that I trust artifacts that Theus has possibly hidden from us. I wish I could have a debate on this with someone that had a reasonable head about such things. However finding a nice balanced individual may provide difficult at such a time.

I however LOVE The maps, the books, the smell! Yes the smell, you know that old musty book smell that you’d tease me about, THAT Smell with a bit of steel and a taste of iron and oil. It’s magnificent!

Last day, we are transporting to Avalon tomorrow morning. I must pass these letters on to my dear friends in Frieburg. Tomas wrote a beautiful song for Aaron’s mother (OK it’s a bar song but it’s DELIGHTFUL!)

attaches song remind me to sing it to you one day when we meet again.. or that’s right I’m supposed to be a lady.. ahh well

Tomas also wrote a poem for Genevieve that she seemed very happy with. We go to see the Explorer society today to travel in ways I am not meant to travel. To say this frightens me is an understatement. Time is of the essence however and I have dilly dallied long enough.

For now mi amiga, I bid you your own adventures! I hope this finds you in good spirits and in Theus’ blessings


From Frieburg to Avalon and Explorations

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