Dearest Amiga,

So here I am again, writing to you with sore legs and other things after my travels. So we’ve seen Montaigne. Not sure they want to see us again though! We’ve been tasked to deliver a message. In the process of escaping to deliver this message we arrived on the stage of a great play from Avalon while they were performing! OOOPS?

We bowed, made a good show of our battle and continued to move. Aaron came in with his cape and was a dashing sword fighter parrying the offending sword with his cape. Our Lady Genevieve was wonderful in distraction and grace. Our Ussuran cut the Deus Ex Machina device down and it landed ON the gentlemen chasing us. DOUBLE OOPS. I’m hoping that eventually we will gain pardon for these actions. The men chasing us are honorable and loyal men, and we both know how the evil of a man in power can cause good men to do bad things. Hopefully, I can avoid the choice of following an evil man or make amends any time this occurs (I’d suggest NOT telling this story to anyone that may have dealings with Montaigne I really don’t want to risk you my dearest amiga).

So anyway Amiga, we continue to run through the sewers attempting to avoid these honorable men, as fighting them would not be wise or honorable. We travel long and hard attempting to miss the roads. Once we cross into Eisen what do we find? GARGOYLES. Gargoyles!! They are REAL! Big monstrous, nasty GARGOYLES! They flew and attacked, it threw me for a loop! They are huge and look much like the gargoyles off the buildings in Eisen!

Aaron, Theus bless him also fought the gargoyles with his great cape and inspired us all to keep fighting. We had a crossbowman named Wulf from Eisen that assisted us as well in hiding from the honorable and loyal gentlemen from Montaigne (yes they do exist..). Aaron and I tied for 4 gargoyles a piece! They were mighty and challenging but it was quite worth the adventure once I was able to find my inspiration. The first Eisen we’ve met has been impressive. While we fight the evils of men, I wonder what these men and women face? Personally it would be interesting to see what else I can see in Eisen, it’s colder and I’d miss the ocean however. One day, I hope to live and support myself. I guess I would still long to go home and protect it, I hope Roberto is good to the people there.

A good leader empowers and inspires their people to victory not belittles and takes the glory for themselves. I have come off topic once again, it’s a wonder how I focused to graduate at the University si?

How are things at home? Any interests? Any news?

Amiga Aventurera de Tu


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