Letter to His Majesty

This letter is given of course to Don Andreas and asked to keep this private as possible as I do not want to make a more awkward situation for his majesty. However, my judgment as everyone needs a friend still stands and Alondarra willingly accepts that responsibility if the desire to be friends is returned.

Your Majesty,

It’s an odd space to be familiar as a friend one moment and then socially awkward the next is it not? I hope you do not take offense at my letter your majesty, although after briefly looking over the last few weeks, I believe this may not be the greatest of offenses.

I know that it will be a cost and that you will have many decisions in your life that will be a great burden. I know that you are still however, A human of Theus’ design. You still need to know someone has your back. You have a friend. I’m not sure if you have many of these.

If you decide that after our journeys you would like that in an individual, a friend someone you can trust. I am here. Don Andreas will know where to find me better than anyone else. I am at your service.

Your actions during our adventures showed a great deal of heart, and honor. I still care what is to happen to you, more so in that socially awkward honor way now! I found someone that is more than the “boy king” they talked of in that tavern. I am embarrassed the admitting that if you needed family (you obviously have family here that cares for you, Don Andreas at least has shown me that) I would adopt you. The dedication to that loyalty still exists.

I look forward to the man and KING you are to become.

As Theus as our guide, ever your loyal servant and hopefully friend,


Letter to His Majesty

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