Living in the Eisen Horror Story Days 2 and 3

Sigh so that nice Wulf guy? Not so nice, one day I will see him again. One day I will rid this world of the monsters that haunt people in their nightmares. Unfortunately, when I rid the world of nightmares… do I become the next one? Like Posen, everyone admires and fears her. How many friends does she have amiga? That would be the discussion I’d like to have with her. I would like to know if I one day succeed in making this world a better place, what do I do next? How do I avoid becoming the monster or the one people fear? How does one be a hero without becoming the villain?

Anyway, these are musings from my head and you want adventure do you not? I can see you now.. with ladies around you (ever the social butterfly my dear friend) telling these stories. Just remember the stories you hear are from my point of view. Mikhail, Aaron, and Genevieve might very well have another. They are heroes in my mind though. Ever pursuing a great cause in making this world a better place.

So we are in Eisen, still being followed by the honorable gentlemen following orders. However I believe Senor Duprey may have allowed his ego to be involved now. He has sword to find us. My dearest friend be careful who you tell your stories to. I would not want to have to rescue you one day. Senor Duprey has been given orders to stop us and that is what he must do in his mind. It does not matter if we are good, bad, kind, or selfish. His orders matter, his name matters, Theus remind me of the difference of loyalty and following blindly and my ego.. dear theus the ego can blind us si?

Anyway.. back to the story.. I hope you skip my rambling when telling the stories! So the wood cutter so kind to help us with the gargoyles. Apparently was chopping apparently wood that draws monsters. Oh and conveniently he was ALSO a monster. Wulf is Flieschwulf a monster who looks like a man and steals your soul by carving you then keeping you in his house until sunset. He is kind enough to give you a puzzle which Mikhail solved. I would like to point out this is the witless Usurran or so society made him out to be.

(I like him too, he’s handsome and dashing in his own way. He likes his women however and is a great flirt. I often have to remind myself I am a lady and not one to dally for pleasure damn that man for making me have to remind myself! Also we will not discuss the fact that I might be a tad jealous of the ladies he does enchant.)

Wulf had shelves of dolls in his home and souls he had stolen. I wish to at one point save those souls. He has said there is a way. I must study to find one. If you do find a way in your free time do let me know. Flieschwulf is deceiving. He appears to be a simple wood cutter out for your money. He later appears to be much worse. He invites you into his home (although he does not always need to he admitted) and keeps you there until sunset. Once the sun has set, you are doomed. There was no battle only wits. Thankfully Mikhail has them.

We slept in the mud and rain again that night and proceeded on to the city. The city would not let Mikhail and I enter until we washed the sap from our clothing. Apparently Wulf although heavy in lore which I wrote down left out the piece of not touching the blood wood it is apparently a nice smell to the monsters of this region. Fantastic, I smelled tasty. Anyway, we were told to wash in the lake with lye and burn our clothes. So now I have a pair of Eisen adventuring clothes instead. They are at least heavier duty and warmer than my Castillian, if not a bit scratchy.

I fought with one of the foxes here to learn what it is like to fight them. He is much like a Gallegos planted and great with repost and tag. ( I miss my abuelo. If you see him please send him my love. ) I picked up a book the Miner of Hanzl and will start reading that. I so desperately need to know the lore of this area. NOW. At least we have people scattered from around the world in our group but my judgment is we need to know the lore of the areas around us. It might be quite dangerous if we do not.

Case in point. Next day we leave upon our ship and we are chased by the Montaigne at the port as we leave. We did say our goodbyes.. in a most juvenile but amusing way. I do not think it has helped our relations with Montaigne however at least not with the Muskateers.

We do not get a half a day in before we are ATTACKED by ANOTHER monster! Mikhail sacrificed our horses and we survived. It is a pity to lose our horses, but again he was quick on his feet and found a solution. Aaron you should see on a ship. He knows his way around a ship the way Genevieve can conduct herself at court. He was at home and you could tell. I think he might miss it but not sure. The monster thankfully we didn’t see much of other than a 10 ft tentacle or two.. and a HUGE fin. We survived however!

Again Mikhail to save the day! I found a desk in here and way to read while out at “sea”. I’m not much use at this point. So now off to learn about the horrors of Eisen. I also need to take many notes of who the leaders of Eisen’s baronies are. I have some notes not many. I sort of wish I had picked up a few more books on Eisen before leaving. Maybe I can find some from the explorer Reggie here. He seems to be a man interested in learning maybe he will have something.

Living in the Eisen Horror Story Days 2 and 3

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