The Montaigne Gala


I wrote to you previously of the marvelous musician Madeline. She had an unexpected adventure however which ended us in a marvelous adventure. Well, mostly. OK running amuck in the muck of the Montaigne sewers was not marvelous. Especially not chasing a raven through them! Dear Theus this has been a marvelous adventure though. The things I have learned! The people I have met! I met the great lady scientist. She was impressive, brilliant, and passionate about her work. Oh to be that passionate about scholarly pursuits.

The gala was a disappointment to Madeleine’s debute. She deserves so much more. If you hear of any opportunities or can spread word of her musical abilities I’m sure she and her father would be very appreciative.

So the story begins. Our set of adventurers were following a lost girl who was dressed in feathers for the gala. We had received news she was missing and what are four unlikely party goers going to do? Swap wits with the Montaigne? Not this lady! So off we went! (Mind you the one moment when the two Montaigne women were insulting Mikhail and he blew his pipe on their dresses after they were being extremely rude was a highlight they deserved it trust me). We followed the trail of feathers to the grate of the sewers in Montaigne. I squeezed in (in my gown.. MY BEAUTIFUL gown.. sigh) and was able to assist Aaron and Genevieve into the sewers. We then followed the trail of feathers to this great entry way, only to see Mikhail throw his axe and hit this lever! As we heard the crash of glass the people living in the sewers dispersed in fear and we discovered why. A HUGE black wolf (remember the stories of the Montaigne attacking the lands of Castille with wolves.. yep one of those) it moves in and out of space it’s scary and they bite! We were able to take it down eventually as a team using our wits and our teamwork watching each others back.

Once we finished off the wolf we were off to the next room in which we saw the young woman under a spell. The “gentleman” there who was in charge attacked us as well as his brutes. I of course worked as quick work as I could with the brutes and attempted to work quickly to save the young lady. Aaron took another set of brutes as Mikhail and Genevieve worked against the nasty leader. Once disposing of the evil group living in these sewers Aaron and I assisted Mikhail and Genevieve. We were able to finally finish him off together once again as a team. And we here the grating of stone.

We see a monster appear from the sewers! This beast, made of Theus knows what came out of this cavern and threatened our very lives with his beastly roar. Mikhail (curse him and his urge to push levers!) throws his axe at the jewel which shatters the jewel shatters another piece and we were finally able to take down the great beast by team efforts. Mind you I think Mikhail might have saved the day by crushing the jewel but matters I’m sure could have been worse.

Anyway dear friend, crisis averted young lady found! Aaron, Genevieve and Mikhail had saved the day!

The Montaigne Gala

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