Unlikely Adventurers

Dearest Amiga,

First of all, I miss you already. I realize we only just graduated and it’s only been a few months but as you know it’s been crazy. Pappa and Abuelo have found a way for me to appease my adventuring spirit!

It’s already paid off, we can now tell Signora she was blind about never needing Usurran. I’ve met one! He’s in our party! I got to sing with him one of the songs I heard on a ship I learned in Usurran. One day I really need to find out EXACTLY what it says I think I’ve lost something in translation.

So there’s a Montaigne woman, an Avalonian that has that “ship walk” you talked about, and the Ussuran. Mikhail is the Ussuran, he’s an odd fellow that flirts A LOT. You’d like him. You are right I was sheltered. There’s Aaron from Avalon he’s a bit less rough around the edges than Mikhail, and that’s saying something. I believe our most refined out of our group is Genevieve. She’s a Montaigne. She has this speech and the way she carries herself that she knows how to handle herself at court. All three are fighters which is fun. Mikhail with an axe he loves hitting that darned thing on the floor.. and talks about his facial hair… a lot. There’s Aaron with the cloak and sword. Genevieve is an amazing fighter as well adding grace and style with her cutting words. And then there’s me, well I’m out and about and having fun. Maybe I’ll get an adventure that will free my brother from having me as a burden (or me from his burden).

We fought a small group of attackers to a noble’s carriage today. Inside the carriage was a young woman who is a prodigy from Montaigne Madeline Prevoye. Talk about her! Get her to perform at your parties! She’s magnificent as a musician! I fought off of course the brutes (you know that’s my area) as the other’s fought the gunsmith and the other two leaders. Mikhail leaped OFF THE CARRIAGE and in front of the horse! It was amazing! Genevieve was graceful as she fought off our attackers gallantly. Aaron was of course gentle with the young charge of the carriage and the essence of a gentleman swashbuckler!

I’m excited! It’s a dream come true!

Unlikely Adventurers

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